CSS3, jquery, Agile Project Management, Kanban

Skills: Agile, Rally ALM, Wrike, MS Project
Outcomes: Higher velocity, Faster iterations, fewer bugs, higher customer satisfaction, greater transparency

Skills: Agile Construction Management, Plumbing, Carpentry, Electrical, General Contracting
Outcomes: Converted an uninhabitable shell to an occupied house

Skills: Drupal 7, Relationships Module, Workflow module
Outcomes: Global Collaboration, Workflow, and Authoring

Skills: Lean Startup, Low Res Prototyping, Tech Tracer Bullets
Outcomes: 1 hour long presentation hitting the high points

Skills: Drupal 7, Constant Contact
Outcomes: Linked up Drupal and Constant contact.

Skills: Drupal 6.2, Google Maps Module, Location Module, Views Modules
Outcomes: Tracking donations, online giving, custom email subscriptions

Skills: Drupal 7.0, PDF Renderer, JQuery, Google Analytics, Calendar & Events module, PHP
Outcomes: Increased Traffic, Public Event Publishing

Skills: Performance Monitoring, Vendor Evaluation, Business Case, New Relic
Outcomes: 2x performance increase in core application

Skills: OLAP, ROLAP, MSSQL, DTS, SQL, Data Cubes
Outcomes: Executive decision makers were able to make real time decisions from actual sales and channel data

Skills: aspx, Google Maps API, Geolocation
Outcomes: Successful Channel program

Skills: MSSQL, JavaScript, Stored Procedures, Bulk Geocoding, SQL Triggers, Google Maps API
Outcomes: Enhanced Geolocated decision making.