CSS3, jquery, Agile Project Management, Kanban

Skills: Agile, Rally ALM, Wrike, MS Project
Outcomes: Higher velocity, Faster iterations, fewer bugs, higher customer satisfaction, greater transparency

Skills: Agile Construction Management, Plumbing, Carpentry, Electrical, General Contracting
Outcomes: Converted an uninhabitable shell to an occupied house

Skills: Drupal 7, Relationships Module, Workflow module
Outcomes: Global Collaboration, Workflow, and Authoring

Skills: Lean Startup, Low Res Prototyping, Tech Tracer Bullets
Outcomes: 1 hour long presentation hitting the high points

Skills: Drupal 7, Constant Contact
Outcomes: Linked up Drupal and Constant contact.

Skills: Drupal 6.2, Google Maps Module, Location Module, Views Modules
Outcomes: Tracking donations, online giving, custom email subscriptions

Skills: Drupal 7.0, PDF Renderer, JQuery, Google Analytics, Calendar & Events module, PHP
Outcomes: Increased Traffic, Public Event Publishing

Skills: Performance Monitoring, Vendor Evaluation, Business Case, New Relic
Outcomes: 2x performance increase in core application

Skills: OLAP, ROLAP, MSSQL, DTS, SQL, Data Cubes
Outcomes: Executive decision makers were able to make real time decisions from actual sales and channel data

Skills: aspx, Google Maps API, Geolocation
Outcomes: Successful Channel program

Skills: MSSQL, JavaScript, Stored Procedures, Bulk Geocoding, SQL Triggers, Google Maps API
Outcomes: Enhanced Geolocated decision making.

Agile PM

When I arrived at this organization (who wishes to remain nameless) they were only sporadically reporting progress, with inconsistent burndowns, a history of spotty delivery, and perennial support issues. I helped the organization reform all of its specification, development, qa, and client acceptance processes. I also lead the team to transition from expensive managed hosting solution, to a burstable solution based on AWS, for an annualized savings of $500,000.

268 Norwood

When a family member found themselves 'residential challenged', why not find a dilapidated wreck of a mansion and whip it into shape? To make it even more fun, do it in a long weekend, with 7 friends.

Emergy database

The Emergy Society needed a way to distributively author and curate various finding and studies from around the world. They needed the database to store, search, and publish the results of thousands of studies from around the world.

MIT Innovation Presentation

I had the pleasure of attending a week long summer program at MIT in the summer or 2012 on Innovation and Technology. The presenters included the president of Brigham and Women's Hospital who dramatically reduced errors across the hospital, and the first non-Japanese employee of Toyota Motoworks. The focus was on lean innovation and prototyping.